Flash Alumni Academic and Athletic Accomplishments 


Celes Augustus finished 3rd in the 300m hurdles and 8th in the 4x400  the GHSA Track State Georgia Championships.

Ronald Clark and his team received 5th Place and broke their high school's record.

Zachary Charles finished 5th at the GHSA Track State Georgia Championships in the 300m hurdles and his team finished 4th in the 4 x400, Breaking  the school record in both events.  Junior Olympics Qualifier. 

DeMichia Higgins earned a Bachelors Degree from Brenau University. 

Morgan Manley and her team finished 5th in the 4x100, 7th in the long jump, 6th in the 400 and 8th in the 4x400 at the GHSA Track State Georgia Championships. Junior Olympics Qualifier. 

Kalen Surles and her team finished  5th in the 4x100, 6th in the 100m, and 8th in the 4x400m. Junior Olympics Qualifier. 

Nahil Perkins, State Qualifier in the 300m hurdles, 2017 T&F Rookie of the Year award winner, 4x800 Lanier HS recorder holder. 4.0 GPA